Bionicle Figures in Almonte, Ontario for sale


20 Bionicle figures for sale. Posted 16 pictures of the photos. Can send photos of 5 others namely: Inika Toa Jaller (replaced red hand with a grey hand & missing 4 balls),
Inika Toa Kongu (missing 1 of 4 blue balls & 1 of 2 weapons),
Inika Toa Hewkii (missing 2 of 4 balls),
Phantoka Vamprah (missing 1 of 3 balls) and
Phantoka Vastus (piece on shoulder broken, but part still in place)
and extra spare parts.
Pictures inlcude:
Phantoka Kopaka (missing 2 of 4 silver balls);
Bionicle Tuma (replaced green piece on arm with a grey piece);
Have all parts below...
Phantoka Lewa;
Phantoka Radiak;
Barraki Karapar;
Phantoka Pohatu;
Barraki Kalmah;
Inika Toa Hahli

Category:  Kids’ products & Toys  |  Address:  Almonte Ontario

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